There has been an exciting change, at least in the insurance industry. Alberta has now been given the go-ahead for electronic proof for auto insurance. No more scrambling to find your pink car in your glove compartment, you can now show a digital version!

A New (Digital) Way to Show Your Pink Card

People can access online banking, social media — even work — from their phones, and there has been a major gap in the insurance industry. Until now. If you carry a smart phone, you can have your pink card directly on your device. The Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators is also reviewing the use of electronic proof of auto insurance (EPAI): an option that would eliminate all need for physical pink cards.

Why You Need to Carry Proof of Auto Insurance

When it comes to the basics, carrying proof of insurance is law. Simple as that. If you get pulled over for any reason and don’t have proof of insurance, you can be fined, even if you have an active policy. Having up-to-date insurance on your vehicle protects you in the event of a collision, and it’s a requirement for registering your vehicle. It’s something you should never leave home without, but it’s also something you shouldn’t leave sitting in your glove box.

What Makes Digital Pink Cards Better Than Paper

  • Convenience: Enjoy easy access to your insurance information with the click of a button, and use your mobile device to display your pink card.
  • Greater Security: Protect yourself from fraud and identity theft by keeping your insurance slips outside your vehicle in a format that is harder to defraud.

Download Your Way to Better Insurance

Easy access to your pink card isn’t the only thing you need when it comes to your insurance, and we get that. You want to be able to look at your policy, make a claim, and get all the information you need for your insurance in one spot. That’s why we created the Ing & McKee App — to give you everything insurance related at the click of a button. Our smartphone app is here, because life happens.

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