Travel Insurance protects you while you're abroad

Accidents or medical emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. Know you’re covered with travellers insurance.

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Travel With Confidence

Whether you fly frequently or are going on your first out-of-country vacation, everyone needs travel insurance. Things don’t always go as planned, having travellers insurance lets you travel with confidence.

At Ing & McKee we use and trust TuGo, a travel insurance provider, who has been helping Canadians have better vacations for over 50 years. TuGo deals with the details so you don’t have to. With TuGo, you’ll have access to their claims team and their reliable 24/7 emergency assistance.

Comprehensive emergency medical protection

Medical bills can begin to stack up if you go to a hospital or clinic while travelling, which is why you need comprehensive medical coverage.
Without sufficient protection, medical expenses could be financially devastating.

Easy to Qualify

It’s quick and easy to get travel insurance with TuGo because they ask no medical questions if you’re 59 or younger. If you’re 60+, their straight-forward Medical Health Questionnaire has only 5 questions.

Competitive pre-existing condition coverage

Unstable pre-existing conditions are a major reason claims aren’t paid out. Age, trip length, and the stability of your condition before leaving on the trip are all factors which impact coverage. TuGo makes sure you have the right coverage for your needs.

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Visit TuGo's helpful page on the various ways you can make a claim for Travellers Insurance.

The link includes claims forms, contact information, links to FAQs as well as detailed steps about the information you'll need to provide.

Learn how to make a Travellers' Insurance claim
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