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It’s not “just a car” to you – or to us. Let’s make sure your baby is protected.

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Classic & Collector Car Insurance

Do you consider your car a collectable? Whether it’s a classic Porsche or a new McLaren, ensure that your valuable collector car has the insurance it deserves.
You can rest assured that you’ll be talking to a broker who cares about cars as much as you do.

Collector Car Insurance for Less

Our knowledgeable brokers love classic cars as much as you do and want to help you save money on the car you aren’t necessarily using every day. We’ll ensure that you can get out on the road this summer by finding you an affordable plan.

We Know Alberta

We live in Alberta, work in Alberta, and drive in Alberta. So we know that you need special coverage for your summer cruising car. Protect yourself and drive with the assurance that if anything unexpected happens, you’re covered.

The Broker Benefit

When it comes to finding the best rate, you’re in the driver’s seat. We’re independent brokers, which means that we don’t have quotas to meet. Having no quotas allows us to find the best plan for you and your classic car.

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Collector Car Insurance 101

Like other automobiles, your classic car requires mandatory insurance in Alberta.
Traditionally, collector car insurance would be reserved for cars that are 25 years and older. The industry is evolving and now what is considered a collectible is no longer limited to the old classics. This means that the new Aston Martin you’ve been looking at could qualify for insurance that is cheaper than typical automobile insurance.
We work with various insurers including Hagerty Classic Car Insurance to find you the best plan.

Typically, cars that classify as classic cars are 25 years and older. Depending on the use and operation, a newer vehicle may qualify as a collector car. Given that your vehicle is a collector-type of car and it is driven under 5,000km a year, it may have the potential to be insured under Collector Car Insurance.

We know that you care about the value of your collector car and we want to ensure that your coverage and the valuation of your car makes sense to you.Not all insurance companies require an appraisal.

Our brokers will have a conversation with you to understand the current state of your car. Maybe it’s going to be under repair for awhile, or you might be planning to cruise the streets in it this summer.

Our brokers can help explain the difference between 19A guarantee value and 19 value. 19A is Agreed Value and will guarantee to pay the amount stated on the endorsement in the event of a total loss. 19 is Limitation of Amount which sets a limit and also considers the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your car.

The value of your collector car can come from the insured (you), from an appraisal (which we typically recommend), or a combination of the insured and the insurance company.

When working on plans and rates with your broker there are several factors that impact your rates.

  • Claims history
  • Vehicle type, size, year, make, and model
  • Use of vehicle
  • Driving record
  • The additional drivers or additional coverages you want to add, such as accessories, personal belongings, emergency vacation expenses, etc.
  • Actual Cash Value vs. Guaranteed Replacement Cost
  • Deductible amount
  • Unit Length, engine size/CCs, value, etc.
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