Motorcycle & ATV

You may be escaping the city for a weekend getaway, or need coverage for a whole season; your recreational vehicle is your home away from home or your ticket to fun. Whether it’s adding extra coverage to protect your personal belongings or to protect you against emergency breakdowns, we’ll find you the most affordable rates with a policy that’s personalized to your needs and lifestyle.

Services we specialize in: Motor Homes, Vacation Trailers, Motorcycles/Dirt Bikes/Snow Bikes, All Terrain Vehicles, Snowmobiles, Watercraft

There are several factors that determine recreational vehicle insurance rates. Some factors include:

  • Claims history
  • Bundling insurance policies/multiple vehicles
  • Vehicle type, size, year, make and model
  • Deductible amount
  • The additional drivers or additional coverages you want to add, such as accessories, personal belongings, emergency vacation expense, etc
  • Length, CC's, horsepower, value, etc. - depending on the type of vehicle
  • Actual cash value (current market value) vs. Replacement cost (brand new)

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